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Hahnemann Pure Drug Co., set up for three decades now is one of the finest producers and suppliers of Homeopathic Medicines. With a high achievement rate in curing disease through our reassuring methods of homeopathic treatment, HAPDCO is expanding very quickly to be perceived among the best homeopathic manufacturing company, manufacturing and selling valuable medicinal products. We are putting forth an extensive variety of world-class homeopathic procedure of medicament and treatments formulated by experienced homeopaths who work on futuristic health concerns and safety. We deliver medications of supreme quality that perfectly achieve the standards of Indian and international benchmarks. The organization believes in conscientiously maintaining the legacy of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. We have long earned a spotless reputation of our highly dedicated management and staff members, and the organization’s consistent efforts have provided it a reputable position and goodwill in the market.

 We offer a wide range of homeopathic treatments, and the organization stays at the leading edge of advancement, research, and development of new methods and products to address various health issues, and bundling them to suit the present and future lifestyles. 



Our cutting-edge manufacturing units are well suitable for producing medicines that have undergone various quality control checks. As we are a modern technology unit, we take extraordinary care to adhere to the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to guarantee consistent quality in the products. We manufacture many kinds of high-quality medicines, which are viable in restoring distinctive medical issues.

We have modern manufacturing tools that are handled by experts who are responsible for the high-grade manufacturing of medicines. Our medicines are made with natural extracts, primarily meant to fix medical issues and disorders in human bodies.


Our R&D wing empowers us to discover new remedies as well as continuously improve the old ones to make them more effective. With the implementation of the latest technological apparatus, the R&D wing finds several ways to produce a variety of new and powerful medicines with zero side effects.

It is supervised by skilled and talented researchers who work to generate different types of medication for various medical diseases and other purposes.

Our group comprising of drug specialists, scientific experts and botanists who cautiously screen each phase of the manufacturing process keeping in mind the end goal that guarantees each homeopathic remedy to meet the strict quality standards and the prerequisites before manufacturing. With high-quality raw materials, regulated manufacturing process and stringent product testing, we bring medicines for you that are reliable.

Various compound tests are done to guarantee the customers with zero reaction medications that are powerful in relieving pain and healing disorders or injuries.


 The medicines, primarily when they are manufactured with natural concentrates, require the most progressive filling and storage innovations.

Fully computerized filling and pressing lines prevent any physical contact of the product with the staff, ensuring clean drugs storage. The pharmaceuticals are kept in well-monitored temperatures to avoid wastage or damage of the products. Our medicines are filled into using superior quality packaging materials which are carefully sanitized for safe bundling of the medicines.

Our energetic and devoted team of experts plays a vital role in the success of our company and is committed to providing services according to customers’ needs. 


They are highly skilled in researching and producing new medicines to cure the lately discovered disease. We have specialists from various fields to handle the health-related problems according to their specializations. We have incompetent R&D experts, substantial manpower for manufacturing units, Quality Control experts, experts for management of Sales and Marketing, experts to handle Warehouses and Packaging.

Best Homeopathic Company in India

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Best Homeopathic Company in India

Trusted Quality Products

Our Products have been trusted by millions since decades.
Best Homeopathic Company in India

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Our Products are trusted by doctors for quality and effectiveness since decades
Best Homeopathic Company in India

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Our products are manufactured from natural extracts which are safe and effective.
Best Homeopathic Company in India

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Our products are packed with latest technology which provides stability and preserves the goodness & effectiveness of drugs